From where are aerial photographys taken?

Answer The air. A craft that can be in the air is usually used (couldn't use a ship eh?) such as an aeroplane or helicopter. During the first world war airships and reconnaissance balloons were used. W... Read More »

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Where can i find pictures taken at la mirage club in artesia taken on April,13, 2013?

Advantages and disadvantages of an aerial vertical photo and an aerial tilted photograph?

It all depends on what it is you're trying to do. Aerial vertical gives you the "direct down" view, so that you get an undistorted view from above straight down. Or at least as undistorted as the l... Read More »

Where were the injured Marines taken from Guadalcanal?

At first, the wounded Marines rode Higgins boats to hospital ships offshore. After the military had secured the airfields, transports that served as hospital planes flew the wounded to various isla... Read More »

Can i get in trouble for taken tramadol today an i have to report two days from now....ive never taken one but?

No you'll be fine - 2 days is plenty of time