From what age can girls normally get pregnant?

Answer A girl can become pregnant once she passes through puberty and begins producing eggs (ovulating). This usually happens some time between the ages of 11 and 16, although it may be sooner in a few. ... Read More »

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What are the signs for girls being are horny(but acting normally)?

If girl had unprotected sex from the 12th up to 19th of the month and period normally comes on 29th of the month then she could get pregnant on that month?

Can you still poop normally while you are pregnant?

Answer Sometimes you can poop normally but sometimes you can get diarrea. If you get diarrea, it's normal. You can even get constipated. Answer Yes, you can still poop normally. Due to the hormonal... Read More »

Are there any side effects from masturbation for girls while trying to get pregnant?

A girl or woman can masturbate or even have sexual intercourse and have orgasms with no fear of any side effects, either while she is trying to get pregnant or while she is pregnant.