From what age can babies digest milk products?

Answer According to the American Association of Pediatrics, breastfeeding is the preferred choice for the first year of an infant's life. Still, apart from the part of the population that is congenitally ... Read More »

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Are soy milk &soy products better substitutes to Milk& milk products for a Diabetic -2 ,man of 69 yrs age?

The advantage of soy for diabetics lies not in the fact that the proteins are different (which they are really not that much, from a nutritional perspective) but rather that UNSWEETENED varieties o... Read More »

How Do I Know if I Can't Digest Milk?

If you notice slight to extreme discomfort after consuming products with lactose, you may fall somewhere along the spectrum of being lactose intolerant. Symptoms range from moderate stomachaches to... Read More »

Any of you moms use these products on your babies?

Honestly I've given up. I'm sure the chair I'm sitting in right now probably puts off some kid of radiation that will cause cancer... I'm sure my carpet has some kind of cancer causing chemical, al... Read More »

Why is milk important for babies?

it helps their bones grow strong and it gives them a good souce of calcium.