From Car Space to Living Space?

Answer Irrevocable trust accounts do not issue Form 1099s to trust beneficiaries for tax reporting. A trust is a taxpayer, and may receive Form 1099s from certain assets for reporting on the trust tax ret... Read More »

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Why is done with space crafts when returning from space?

1. u shud ask WHAT, not WHY ! 2. d answer is dat dey r thrown after use in outer space 3. den dey land on d sun and burn 4. den d pieces fly away 2 oder solar systems lyk d 1 known as itchigotch... Read More »

Different types of space vehicles from NASA space programs?

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Will there be more space shuttle launches from Kennedy Space Center?

Yes. The final space shuttle launch is scheduled for April of this year.

How long does it take the space shuttle to reach outer space from launch?

Answer It takes about 8 minutes from launch for the shuttle to reach space. How is that for speed? Once in space, the space shuttle and the International Space Station orbit the Earth about 16 tim... Read More »