Frogs & Salmonella?

Answer Approximately 90 percent of frogs carry salmonella, a potentially serious disease that affects the intestinal tract. Even frogs that have been purchased from a pet store are at risk of carrying the... Read More »

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Do i have salmonella poisoning help?

If you had food poisoning you would be lying on the floor begging God to let you die. Believe me, you would not feel good enough to be posting online. Your whole body would be in spasms, you woul... Read More »

When was salmonella first discovered?

It was discovered first in 1885 by an American scientist named salmon.

Tortoises & Salmonella?

Salmonella is a bacteria that can cause serious illnesses in humans and lead to death if not treated in time. Reptiles such as tortoises have a bad reputation for carrying and spreading salmonella,... Read More »

Salmonella outbreak, do I have it?

Pleas hun settle down ok. Im sorry mom is gone from your life, I really am, and I am sorry your scared and dads not taking you serious. please continue to read my post please ok. To find the er ph... Read More »