Frog problem : we have a pond in front garden but one frog insists in sitting at back door at night.?

Answer Frogs return to the water to mate. The rest of the time, they hunt for prey on lawns and in flower borders. They especially like slugs and worms, which you don't find in ponds.Solution : position p... Read More »

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How to Catch a Frog in a Pond?

If you are tired of being lonely and want a pet why not a frog it is fun to watch hop around and also fun to feed flies.

How to Build a Frog Pond?

If there are a lot of frogs around your house and they keep coming inside then you should make a pond for them. Just follow these easy steps.

On Ally McBeal what was the name of the frog Nell gave John when his frog died?

Backyard Frog Pond Projects?

Frogs are found in environments ranging from the cold of Maine to the warmth of southern California. These tiny creatures come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. If you live in an area where fr... Read More »