Frigidaire Cooktop Error ER?

Answer On Frigidaire electronic cooktops and stoves, the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen is used to display timers, the clock and error codes. Specific language indicates an error code so oven owners ... Read More »

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How to Clean the Cooktop of a Frigidaire FPES3085KF Range?

When spills and residue build up on your Frigidaire FPES3085KF's cooktop, they affect the range's appearance and performance. The smooth, glass-ceramic cooktop is lower-maintenance than a tradition... Read More »

Can the ceramic cooktop on a Frigidaire stove be replaced?

The ceramic cooktop on a Frigidaire stove can be replaced. Look in your owner's manual for the part number or contact Frigidaire with your model number to order the correct ceramic cooktop replacem... Read More »

E5 error code on Sanyo Induction Cooktop?

You need to call a service technician.The electronics in such are that if you need to ask, you need a professional.

Frigidaire Washer Error Code E70?

Consumer washers made by Frigidaire today are more than simple machines. Besides washing dirty laundry, these units are capable of diagnosing most internal errors and signaling in a way that common... Read More »