Fridge doesn't work after unplugged for year?

Answer Probably most of the refrigerant has escaped or the compressor has seized. Mechanical things like this need to be run periodically to keep them properly lubricated.because of the amount of muffins ... Read More »

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Is it worth buying an ipod if it doesnt work anymore after 2 years?

How long do you leave a refrigerator unplugged after moving?

Generally 24 hours is a good bet. Basically leave it as long as you can up to 24 hours without your food going off. Chillbox and ice packs are recommended. Hope this helps

Does a powered usb hub work when unplugged?

No. A USB port can transfer approximately 5 volts of energy; however, once the source is disconnected, the hub device will no longer function. While the hub acts a portal, the energy is dispersed t... Read More »

Why goes GFI switch trip minutes AFTER I have unplugged the curling iron?

It's probably gone bad. A gfi should trip when there is a current change not over heating. My daughter had a bathroom heater and curling iron going at the same time and trip the fuse in the fuse bo... Read More »