Freshwater Aquatic Plants for Aquariums?

Answer No matter what type of fish you keep in your aquarium, adding live plants can make the tank healthier and more interesting. Live plants take in carbon dioxide from the water and supply oxygen, prov... Read More »

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How do i plant aquatic plants in aquariums?

Picking the plantsLook for healthy plants and roots. Make sure the leaves have no holes and no yellow or brown patches. Do not mix slow growing plants with fast growing plants, as fast growers can ... Read More »

How do I grow freshwater aquatic plants?

Cover the bottom of a fish tank or pond with clay soil and a fine substrate, such as sand or pea gravel. Fill the tank or pond with dechlorinated water, but do not fill it so high that you cannot r... Read More »

Freshwater Aquatic Plants With Inflated Leaf Stems?

Aquatic plants often possess specialized parts that have allowed them to adapt to and thrive in their watery habitat. A handful of aquatic plants utilize inflated leaf stems, or petioles, for buoya... Read More »

Red Aquatic Plants?

Red aquatic plants add drama to a body of water, such as ponds and aquariums. They contrast against other plants that are usually green. The color ranges from pink to deep red and purplish red. Som... Read More »