Fresh corn cobs ,how to cook?

Answer boil em for 8 min

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Can you use corn cobs for horse bedding?

Corn cobs can be used as horse bedding. However, the corn cobs must be processed before they are ready for use. Whole cobs are not used; corn cobs are first dried, cleaned and ground down to make t... Read More »

How to Process Corn Cobs Into Charcoal Briquettes?

Corn and other agricultural waste products make great charcoal because they produce less smoke. This makes them ideal for indoor cooking fires often found in third world countries or storm ravaged ... Read More »

How do you cook fresh artichokes I've never used fresh ones.?

i love whole artichokes, but not very many people do so be warned. the first time i served them to my husband, he just stared at his plate for a couple minutes and poked at it, before he asked wha... Read More »

Store fresh corn still in the shuck?

Best thing to do with sweet corn is cook it as soon as possible after it is picked. It is good reheated after cooked and refrigerated'