Fresh chopped garlic?

Answer don't eat raw garlic. It is actually harmful for the stomach because it is too "potent" if that makes sense. It will hurt you. Always cook it. Its best to chop garlic then leave for 5 minutes befor... Read More »

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How to Keep Fresh Chopped Garlic?

If you hate the thought of having to prepare freshly minced or chopped garlic regularly, here is a neat way to produce a lot in one go and then to store it for up to a week for use in later meals. ... Read More »

I take fresh, chopped garlic daily?

It doesn't really matter if you take it with food or not, it still works just as well. I like drinking green tea afterwards because it helps prevent garlic breath. One a day is fine, more is optional

How much chopped garlic makes one clove?

A single clove of garlic is equivalent to one teaspoon of chopped garlic. One clove of garlic is equivalent to ½ teaspoon of minced garlic, garlic flakes or garlic juice and ? teaspoon of garlic ... Read More »

How to Make Powdered Garlic From Fresh Garlic?

After awhile, garlic powder looses its potency. Although it isn't one of the pricier items sold in the spice section at the supermarket, if you use a lot of garlic powder it can get expensive to re... Read More »