Frequencies of Sound Related to Lightwaves?

Answer Sound and light have long been linked in the development of modern science. Both propagate, or travel, through the air in complex combinations of waves, which can be broken down into basic componen... Read More »

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How to Understand Sound Frequencies?

The frequency of a sound, or its pitch, allows humans and animals to decipher a sound with our ears--or with an animal's body for those that feel sound, such as a snake. While only a certain range ... Read More »

Sound Frequencies That Harm Humans?

Frequency is the number of cycles per unit of time. The human ear is sensitive to certain frequencies. The volume of a sound is measured in decibels (dB), which is the force of sound waves against ... Read More »

Why do Sound Reinforcement Subwoofers have such low excursion, but put out such high SPL at low frequencies?

The simple answer is that the larger the speaker's surface area, the shorter the excursion it need make to produce a really low note.

How is harmonics related to sound?

Each sound consists of a spectrum of frequencies, called harmonics. The way in which the human ear perceives and distinguishes the characteristics of a sound is influenced by the harmonics within t... Read More »