French onion dip but no chips!?

Answer If you have corn or flour tortillas you can make your own chips. Same with fresh potatoes. Slice potatoes and fry.Yep, raw veg's would be good as well. Healthier for certain, but that all depends... Read More »

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Is French onion soup bad for you?

'Healthy food' is not black and white. I imagine what you are actually wanting to know is how many calories are in it.If you are underweight, high calorie food is healthy. If you are overweight, hi... Read More »

French fries Onion Rings?

Onion rings with the burgers would be my the fries for the dogs.

How fattening is "French Onion Veggie Dip"?

I'm assuming it's a kind of sour cream dip. In that case, the answer is Extremely Fattening! It's almost pure fat, with few health benefits. Still, it's fine to enjoy a few times a week, as long as... Read More »

How to Make French Onion Soup?

A super tasty recipe that will really make your mouth water.