French Male Hairstyles?

Answer While in many countries around the world, women's hairdos tend to be fancier and garner more attention than those of their male counterparts, the men of France give the women a run for their money.... Read More »

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How to Try Male Hairstyles?

Women's hairstyles may get all the attention from stylists, but men's hair styles are just as fashionable and unique. Men can wear their hair shaved closed to the scalp, with designs etched into th... Read More »

70s Male Hairstyles?

The 70s was known for outlandish fashion and beauty trends. It was the era of disco, flared pants and feathered hair. While we may look back and snicker at some fashion mistakes made during that de... Read More »

Male Hairstyles of the '20s?

Fashion styles changed a great deal in the roaring '20s. For many, the decade was a happy time of prosperity between two world wars and the Great Depression. The sense of relief following World Wa... Read More »

Urban Male Hairstyles?

Women's hairstyles are plastered on nearly every billboard and shop window, but what about men? Today there are many urban hairstyles that men can parade around the city in, and they are easy to ac... Read More »