French Garden Ideas?

Answer The French passion for beauty and orderliness is reflected in their gardening style. Through the ages, this style has been based on a focal point, be it a building or a pond, with the garden radiat... Read More »

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How to Create a French Garden?

Traditional French gardens provide a blend of color and comfort. There are so many elements you can work into a garden so that it represents a traditional French garden. If you are looking for step... Read More »

Can water from a French drain go into a rain garden?

On One Hand: Could be ToxicA French drain captures ground and rain water and directs it away from homes in order to reduce the chances of flooding. This water might fall directly from the sky, migh... Read More »

My neighbour whos garden is higher than mine,leaves his garden hose on, and it floods my garden, help me pleas?

have you discussed this with him. he may not know and surely wouldnt like it if it happned to him..

Ideas for a French Project?

In many French classes, teachers will assign projects that are designed to reinforce your understanding of the language and culture. When you have a project assignment that is open for interpretati... Read More »