French Cloaks in the 1800s?

Answer While the words "cloak" and "cape" are often used interchangeably, they are actually slightly different articles of clothing. Capes generally stop just below the shoulders while cloaks are three-qu... Read More »

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1800s French Capes?

Although cloak, coat and cape were used somewhat synonymously for nineteenth-century outerwear, a cape is best defined as a piece of outerwear hip length or shorter that is generally more decorativ... Read More »

1800s French Fashion: Ribbons?

The European elite enjoyed adorning their outfits with ribbons, but the export of ribbons for use with American fashions was slow to catch on. The accessory was less that popular in American fashio... Read More »

French Women's Clothes in the Late 1800s?

French women's clothes of the late 1800s were still very much of the Victorian era, but in the process of reformation. In the latter half of the 19th century, the severe manner in which women were ... Read More »

The History of Cloaks?

Today, cloaks are the exception and no longer the rule as they were once. However, the movies have kept alive the dramatic image of cloaks. Images of Zorro, Batman, Superman and the Phantom of the ... Read More »