Freezing cold feet, broken foot, poor circulation?

Answer Your broken foot should be elevated every time you sit down.....get a damp towel, pop it in a plastic bag and microwave for 1 min put the bag in a pillow and place on your lower leg and cover with ... Read More »

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Poor feet circulation?

it could be that you just have clod feet (I have cold hands), it's a natural condition that many people have due mostly to the nervous system rather than the circulatory system but if your concerne... Read More »

Poor circulation in feet?

Peripheral vascular disease is the medical name given to a group of problems that causes poor circulation to the feet and legs. The most common cause of this is artherosclerosis ("hardening of the ... Read More »

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If it is Raynaud's, there's no cure. When it's cold, you wear a pair (or two) of socks. When it's warm, you take one off.Not trying to be a smart $#!##, but there really isn't a cure.

How many gallons of water are in a 15 foot by 30 foot pool where the shallow end is 3 feet and the deep end is 6 feet?

Answer well, I figured it out and I would have to say about no more than 2000 gallons Answer 15*30*4.5=2025(apr)I'm sorry Amber, but that is nowhere near the correct answer. If the pool is rectang... Read More »