Freeze Pane function wont work on Microsoft Excel 2003?

Answer It would have been nice to know at what Row and/or Column you are attempting to Freeze.If you click into Cell B2, then use the WINDOW ==> FREEZE PANES from the menu. What happens afterwards when y... Read More »

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How to: PMT Function in Excel 2003?

Microsoft Excel 2003 supports a wide range of functions to help you calculate everything from statistical averages to loan payments. The PMT function is a built-in function that gives you the payme... Read More »

How to Add the Sum Function to an Excel 2003 Toolbar?

Excel 2003 lets you customize your toolbars by using the Customize option. This option lets you add and remove items from the default toolbars in Excel 2003, in effect designing toolbars to hold th... Read More »

How to Use the Sum Function in Microsoft Excel?

Using the SUM function in Excel is an easy way to save yourself lots of time.

What is a microsoft excel function?

A Microsoft Excel function is a preset formula. You can use Excel functions to perform simple calculations, such as summing the numbers in a column, or extremely complex trigonometric, financial or... Read More »