Freeview epg update messed up your channels?

Answer 'Remote control' means a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distanceSource: True Knowledge

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Some channels not working on my new Freeview Box?

BBC3 and 4 don't start broadcasting until 7pm, so that's why you get the info screen. But it's a bad sign that you don't get many of the others.If you're in an apartment block I'd gues that you've ... Read More »

Lost freeview channels?……

Just bought a new T.V today but can only get the freeview channels?

The tv you bought has a freeview tuner in it but not a UK specific one. ITV will probably be there but not listed in the correct place. You will only get SKY tuned to it if the set also has an anal... Read More »

Which freeview channels can you receive in North East?

Answer I assume this means in the United Kingdom.The kind of freeview channels available almost anywhere are the main ones and several local radio stations. It would be hard to list all of them how... Read More »