Free photo editing programmes easy 10 pts?

Answer GIMP. It's a freeware version of photoshop although not as powerful. You can download it from and there are lots of tutorials for it if you search google.

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Photo editing Easy 10 points for first right answer!?

Picnik or Lunapic are great all round web based and FREE editing tools. Adobe, makers of the expensive Photoshop, now has a free website version in Photoshop Express. If you need/want more feature... Read More »

What is the best free photo editing?

On One Hand: GIMP - Professional Photo EditorGIMP is a freeware application similar to Adobe Photoshop, in that it offers users the ability to edit photos using a complex set of tools. You can alte... Read More »

Top 10 free photo editing apps?

Gimp, it does art, it does photos, it's a raster graphics editor and it's better than photoshop in most gamer and artist's opinions.(for the record, if you mean phone app or ipad app, be sure to sa... Read More »

Best photo editing app for Ipod touch (FREE)?

i think that either fotolr photo studio or adobe photoshop express will be good and they are both free. If you use picnik you'll probably like the 2nd one. i have them both and i can say tht they g... Read More »