Free money grants that you don't have to pay back?

Answer Why not ask your friend for his friend's name - I am sure he will tell you where the money came from.Actually, there are only a very limited number of grants available to small business and they ar... Read More »

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Can you get your money back if you dont want to travel anymore?

Best free money for going back to school?

Get some job & ask them if they could sponser.

I am divorced in switzerland. How much money can I bring back to the States tax free?

LESS than $10,000 per transaction. So you can transfer money several times, all less than the maximum amount, each time.

Are there any grants out there that pay for cosmetic surgery needs I know loans will, but i dont want that!!!?

Yes, there are grants out there. You have to do the research. Also some schools pay for your cosmetic surgery after you enroll into their programs. Some hospitals also pay for the cosmetic surge... Read More »