Free money grants that you don't have to pay back?

Answer Why not ask your friend for his friend's name - I am sure he will tell you where the money came from.Actually, there are only a very limited number of grants available to small business and they ar... Read More »

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How can I get a Government grant , That I dont have to pay back?

You need to qualify for the grants.Some are fderal, others managed by states or local communities.Check is there is a small business help office/organisation in your city.Good luck !

I really dont have that much money so does anyone know of any cheap health insurance!?

Define 'cheap.' Health insurance is cheaper than not having it and ending up in a hospital. Just find an insurance broker to help you out. I have comparison tools and links to brokers in each st... Read More »

Medical insurance: If it is mandatory that we have it, why can't we get our money back?

I get what you are saying. it's like those of us who can afford insurance are toting the bill for those who can't or simply wont pay for insurance. I agree that it would be nice to get part of our ... Read More »

Are there any grants out there that pay for cosmetic surgery needs I know loans will, but i dont want that!!!?

Yes, there are grants out there. You have to do the research. Also some schools pay for your cosmetic surgery after you enroll into their programs. Some hospitals also pay for the cosmetic surge... Read More »