Free antivirus software?

Answer Go to The have hundreds of free s downloads and have ratings for products by both Cnet and users. Do a search for "Free d Downloads" on their site.

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Antivirus 2009 most removal software is expensive, anyone know any FREE software ( that works )?

In your situation, there are a few options.1) Reformat and reinstall your Windows ( leave it as last resort )2) Take out your hard disk and install as secondary drive in another PC that have a good... Read More »

How do I install AVG 7.5 free antivirus software?

Find Version 7.5Obtain a copy of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 7.5. Note that version 7.5 was released in 2007 and AVG no longer supports this version. Updated virus definitions are not available. AV... Read More »

Good free antivirus software?

I strongly recommend Threat fire because it use very little system resources (5 MB RAM). is dramatically different to traditional antivirus software. Normal anti... Read More »

Best free antivirus software?

1. AVG2. Avast3. AviraFirewalls are Firewalls. I use the Windows Firewall. Most routers have firewalls also. that's 2 free firewalls.