Free and legal music downloads for iPhone 4s?

Answer Other than royalty free music, there is no such site.Jamendo for LEGAL, free and safe downloads.Alternatively, try the limited 'streaming' service Spotify. Actual downloads are charged for though!!

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Whare can you get legal free music downloads that work on your ipod?

limewire but you should becareful to choose the right one because one wont work but the other will i suggest going with the most people a song has.

What type of music downloads are legal?

Legal downloads include only those that are authorized by the owners of the copyrighted music. The RIAA has released a list of legal music download sites and programs (a link can be found in the re... Read More »

Unlimited Legal Music Downloads? searches many free, safe (no-virus) legal music-downloading (no-registration) sites.Hope this helps. Regards!:)

Are Limewire music downloads legal?

100% illegal. To make them legal you need to pay the owner or producers of the music and movies, which you do not, Limewire has a disclaimer which you agree before using their file share Applicatio... Read More »