Free alternative to Flash for Windows that supports AS3?

Answer Have you tried doing a quick Google search using the following keywords: free flash as3 downloadI saw a few interesting links that might be what you are looking for..

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Free alternative to Virtual Box that supports installing win 7 64 bit versions?

What Does""Windows 98 No Longer Supports""Mean?

Windows 98 is an older version of the Windows operating system, and is not compatible with all types of software applications. Because of the incompatibility, an error message is displayed when Win... Read More »

What does"Windows 98 no longer supports"mean?

The phrase "Windows 98 no longer supports..." means that the process, procedure or application in question will no longer run on a computer with Windows 98 installed. For example, the phrase "Windo... Read More »

Html 5 alternative to Adobe Flash?

None. HTML 5 does not replace Flash, it just replaces the proprietary content container that Flash is. You still need scripting languages like Javascript or Ajax to animate anything, much less supp... Read More »