Free Ways to Learn to Spell?

Answer People who learn English spend more time on grasping the basics of reading and writing than people who are learning how to use other languages. English spelling can be unpredictable. Identical lett... Read More »

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Ways to Learn How to Spell?

Young children beginning to write, as well as older children, can benefit from using a variety of spelling strategies. Increase childrens' independence with writing tasks and eliminate the phrase, ... Read More »

Quick Ways to Learn to Spell?

One common way teachers try to teach spelling is by giving students a list of words and asking them to memorize them. Teachers and pupils soon discover, however, that students soon forget these wor... Read More »

Free Ways to Learn Proofs in Geometry?

Geometric proofs require solvers to use a logical series of steps to "prove" a solution to a problem. Proofs incorporate basic math and algebra, but they also require the solver to have familiarity... Read More »

How to Learn to Spell Pneumonoulrtamicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?

Want to impress your friends by spelling the longest word in the dictionary? Here's how!