Free Resources to Teach Kids Spanish?

Answer Young children learn a foreign language far easier than adults. Educator Jeanette Vos, citing neurologist Dr. Harry Chugani, believes that learning a foreign language should begin in preschool. Spa... Read More »

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Free Spanish Learning Resources?

Spanish is one of the world's major languages, with approximately 328 million speakers, according to the language report Ethnologue. Spanish is the official language in the European countries of S... Read More »

Free Spanish Language Learning Resources?

Spanish is becoming an increasingly important language in America. Being able to speak it could improve your employment opportunities or help you make new friends. When learning a language, it is e... Read More »

Resources for Kids' Free Clothes?

Kids always seem to grow out of their clothes too fast. Today's fashions can be pretty expensive, even in children's clothes. However, trying to keep our kids up-to-date on the latest fashion trend... Read More »

Fun Activities to Teach Kids Spanish?

Using a variety of fun instructional tools while teaching Spanish assists with the acquisition and retention of the language. Pictures, conversations, recordings, videos, games and physical activit... Read More »