Free Program Like After Effects?

Answer There aren't any free alternatives to After Effects. There are 2 free effects programs: WAX and Jahshaka. Jahshaka is a big program that has a tendency on some computers to be a tad fragile while... Read More »

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What is a free and simple special effects program?

A quick Google search using the following keywords will give you a start on such applications: special effects video software Such as these links: http:... Read More »

I need a free virus and spyware program What program do you suggest and where can I download it?

I guess you mean an ANTI virus program? Viruses and spyware are bad things, and Microsoft Windows in particular gets plagued by them! If you're running something other than Microsoft Windows (like ... Read More »

Free program for downloading music to put on iPod for free?

or you can try it same thing like lime wire but its free from the begging i m not sure about viruses

What was the Windows 95 or 98 Sound Effects program called?

There are many ways to get sound effects. The Internet has a ton of places where these may be downloaded from.And as to something that works like what you describe, you could do a quick Google sea... Read More »