Free Lessons on Silent Letters & Vowels in Reading?

Answer Learning to read involves an understanding of various literacy concepts, including silent letters and vowels. Without comprehension of these concepts, children will be unable to correctly pronounce... Read More »

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Signs Above Letters That Mean Long or Short Vowels?

Because vowels can be pronounced in different ways and because the way a vowel is pronounced is not always apparent from looking at the word, especially in English, dictionaries and pronunciation g... Read More »

Difference Between Long Vowels and Short Vowels in English?

The English language has six vowels: a, e, i, o, u and, in some instances, y. However, the English language has many more vowel sounds. These are generally divided into two categories: short vowel ... Read More »

Speed-Reading Lessons?

If you've always wanted to increase your reading speed but haven't been able to improve on your own, speed reading lessons might be a great option for you. Reading quickly takes practice and techni... Read More »

Reading Mastery Lessons?

Reading mastery lessons were designed for direct instruction in reading. There are several main reading mastery curricula that teach a combination of phonics, word recognition, spelling, vocabulary... Read More »