Free Hair Weaving Techniques?

Answer Braiding and sewing work together to produce high-quality weaves, but quality is not lost with fusion and glued extensions. The direction in which you choose to braid is essential and can limit the... Read More »

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Techniques for Weaving Hair?

Several techniques for weaving hair can add body or length to your existing hairstyle. More complex hair-weaving methods also are used to hide thinning hair or cover a bald spot. When done by a pro... Read More »

Hair Weaving Techniques for Men?

Men can turn to hair weaving to cover up balding and thin spots. Several nonsurgical techniques are available, using either synthetic or authentic hair. Does this Spark an idea?

Net Hair Weaving Techniques?

Netting, or installing hair extensions through the use of a hair net, is commonly used on women suffering from hair issues like traction alopecia and balding. Net hair weaving affords more versatil... Read More »

Netting Hair Weaving Techniques?

Wearing hair weaves is a great way to relieve your hair of the stress caused by everyday styling. Excessive and daily use of heating tools such as blow-dryers, flatirons, and curling irons can over... Read More »