Free HTML Learning Tools?

Answer Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML, is a way for people to view and build websites. While programming language such as JavaScript may determine what a Web page will do, HTML tells the page what cer... Read More »

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Free Learning Tools for Toddlers?

Parents who decide they are going to home-school their children early on often begin when they are toddlers. There is no need to invest in expensive programs or toys at this age. There are plenty o... Read More »

Free Preschool Learning Tools?

Preschool learning tools include a wide variety of games and activities that can help children ages three through six to develop knowledge. These tools encourage early childhood development in impo... Read More »

Free French Language Learning Tools?

There are many reasons for you to learn French, even if you do not intend to visit the Louvre any time soon. Over 135 million people speak French as a first language, and once you add those that sp... Read More »

Learning HTML,CSS..etc?

It really depends on You and youyrself., The book might not work for others but it might work for you, I say go buy it and check it out. Never know, but also dont nix the for dummies books =)