Free Fun Science Activities for Middle Grades?

Answer One of the good things about science for middle school students is its applicability. Middle school students can use household products to test most of the concepts they learn about. What's more, o... Read More »

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Grades 3-5 Science Activities?

Students in grades 3 through 5 enjoy learning science through engaging activities. Teachers find age-appropriate activities for students in this age category to teach concepts of science. The activ... Read More »

Science Inquiry Activities for Elementary Grades?

Science inquiry activities for elementary grades teach students the basic concepts of scientific discovery through a structured approach. Students are guided through the process by the teacher, who... Read More »

Science Lab Activities for Middle Schools?

The National Science Education Standards released in 1996 focus the experience of the middle school learner on three core areas: physical, life and earth and space sciences. Students engaged in phy... Read More »

Anchor Activities in Middle School Science?

Contrary to their name, anchor activities have nothing to do with nautical projects or sailing. Rather, anchor activities are teacher-specified ongoing activities that students work on independentl... Read More »