Free French Educational Games?

Answer Playing games can help you have a bit of fun while learning French, and using a number of different learning methods can help consolidate your knowledge of the language. Some students find that lea... Read More »

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Free Fun Educational Games?

Educational games can be used to entertain your children almost any time of the day. The key to educational games is to make it seem as though they aren't learning. Kids have the preconceived notio... Read More »

The Best Free Educational Games?

The Internet has led to huge growth in games of all kinds, many of which are free and can be played online. Many of these games are intended to provide far more than just hours of fun. They are edu... Read More »

Free Educational Games for Third-Graders?

Many third-graders associate learning with repetition, boredom and the tedium of memorizing facts. But learning doesn't have to have such negative associations. Several games that third-graders can... Read More »

Free Multiplayer Educational Games?

An article by Palo Alto Medical Foundation cites research that states that children may spend between five to 13 hours a week playing video games. Although it is not advisable to allow a child to s... Read More »