Free AVG Anti-virus software?

Answer Sometimes yes. It depends on which virus it is. If AVG can detect it, so AVG can remove the virus.By the way, there is no anti virus/spyware which is 100% accurate but there are many good antivirus... Read More »

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What anti-virus software is better, AVG Anti-Virus Free or Norton Security?

Norton. Why? Free AVG includes no root kit protection. AVG is a resource hog. AVG has a low virus detection rate. Norton is everything AVG isn't.

Free anti virus vs Paid anti virus software. Your choice?

In my opinion, free software available are enough for more users. But be careful. A lot of ads online regarding computer security are fake. They will install a spyware or virus on your computer. Mi... Read More »

A good free anti virus software. i have infected cookies. the software that i am using just now is rubbish.?

Go with AVG and do not go with avast it is n lot of rubbish got i lot of virus using it and i lost a lot of my pic's and videos

How to get free anti virus software ?

For good, free and recommended security programs, please go here…I recommend AVG as an anti virus, although eTrust's 12 month free trial is excellent (I'm... Read More »