Fraps Files Very Large?

Answer why use fraps, what is it, just download the video by itself, u don't record a video while downloading, it downloads to a file, then u play it... if this helped pass it on

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How to Compress Large Files?

Large files are cumbersome to save and transfer. To compress large files using built-in Windows or Mac software or alternative compressors, use one of the methods below.

What happens to large files when they are zipped?

A zipped file is just a compressed file. When you extract a zipped file, this shrunk-down version of the downloaded file is decompressed, or restored to its original size.What Zipping IsZipping ref... Read More »

How large can you print 10 megapixel files?

Although you can print a 10 megapixel file at any size, you will find that the best possible resolution is obtained at a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, which works out to 8-1/2 by 13 inches. A... Read More »

How to Upload Large Audio Files?

Email is often used for sharing audio files. However, with attachments often subject to size limits, it is not practical for transferring files of 10 MB or more. In addition, it does not offer publ... Read More »