Framing: How to Attach a Photo to a Mat?

Answer Attaching a photograph to a mat is an important aspect for both display and conservation purposes. Mats come in many sizes and colors, and can be customized to fit your photograph. They provide a v... Read More »

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Photo Framing Tips?

While preparing to hang photos for display, you may face a few challenges when framing them. What kind of frame to use and which procedures need to be taken to preserve the quality of the photo are... Read More »

How do I enlarge an old photo on my scanner for framing?

Scan it at the highest resolution you can get. If you scan it at 1200 dpi and then print it at 300 dpi, your result will be 4 times the original size.However, if the original picture isn't perfectl... Read More »

Will 28 degree framing nails fit into a 31 degree framing nailer?

Even though there are people that will surely argue to the contrary, probably not. It's not only the difference in angle, it's also frequently the collation type and other nail specifications. 28 d... Read More »

What Is Key Framing?

Simply put, a key frame is an action that is occurring at a single point in time. An animation is strung together by combining all of the key frames and filling in the frames in between. There is n... Read More »