Fragrant Desert Flowers?

Answer Add color and fragrance to your xeriscape or rock garden with flowering desert plants that flourish in hot, dry climates. While the image that most often comes to mind when visualizing desert lands... Read More »

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How many fragrant flowers are there?

More than 250,000 flowering plants, or angiosperms, thrive throughout the planet Earth. Of these hundreds of thousands of varieties, several possess individual scent variations. Although the exact ... Read More »

Fragrant Night Blooming Flowers?

Most flowers bloom during the day, releasing a subtle, or not so subtle, fragrance to attract pollinators. But in the garden, competition can be fierce so some plants have adapted to blooming at ni... Read More »

List of Fragrant/Potent Flowers?

The best Fragrant flowers areDianthusGARDENIA: Classic white gardenias contrast sharply against the plant's shiny, deep green leaves.Nicotiana: releases its fragrance at night to attract the moths ... Read More »

What to fragrant camellia flowers smell like?

It's light, slightly sharp, and sort of fruity. Think of honeysuckle that's far less strong and sweet.