Fractured my tail bone,is it suppose to hurt this bad?

Answer Tailbone pains are the WORST. I fractured my tailbone a few years ago, and it hurt for about a year, (although not so intensely after a while)I hope it gets better for you, but it's not unusual for... Read More »

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I just put in a tampon is it suppose to hurt?

You can ask her, but I remember being too embarassed myself to do it, so I went shopping by myself.Go buy more, get the smallest size (light or junior or whatever) and you kind of have to practice.... Read More »

Is your vigina suppose to hurt at 34 weeks pregnant?

Yes its normal. As long as there is no major bleeding. Spotting is normal at this point to. U may also start to feel pain in ur pelvic bone. Its just ur joints loosening up. Ur pelvis isn't actuall... Read More »

Does braces suppose to hurt after you get them?

Allot of times one arch hurts more that the other one. For example, my upper arch always hurt more than the bottom. It sounds like your bottom teeth was very crowded. We usually straighten the upp... Read More »

I fell and hurt my ankle my parents think its fractured fibula but I can walk on it a little bit?

only an xray will give you an answerbeing unable to weight bear and alot of swelling and looking odd, is highly suspicious of a fracture (break)get the foot elevated when you are sitting / apply a ... Read More »