Foxin PSU for Nvidia GTX 550ti?

Answer You se HD 6670 is not a power hungry card. It run w/o a power adapter i.e it draws power directly from the motherboard. GTX-550Ti on the other hand is a very power hungry card. It requires a PSU wi... Read More »

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Is this PSU sufficient for Nvidia GTX 550ti ?

It all depends on his other hardware, however I would certainly tell him to go with the Coolermaster. A cheap 500w is unlikely to cut it with a mid range card such as a Gtx 550ti.Your Radeon 6670 n... Read More »

Nvidia 550ti or 7770ghz edition?

The basic 7770 is significantly faster than the 550ti, the Ghz edition even more so.

Nvidia geforce gtx 550ti vs amd radeon hd 7750 which is better?

Hey!The GTX 550ti is better because they have a higher bus-width, bandwidth, texel and pixel rate. You can't compare with the HD 7750 with the GTX 550ti because the HD7750 is no way near close to t... Read More »

What's wrong with my Asus gtx 550ti?

That is probably the fan getting worn out; it only makes that noise, when it rotates faster.