Fourth Grade Sight Word Activities?

Answer Sight words help students develop a strong foundation for reading and understanding texts. These words are the 200 to 250 most common words that appear in basic texts. Once students absorb the mean... Read More »

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Sight Word Activities for First Grade?

Sight words are commonly used words at the child's reading level that he recognizes immediately. Sight word activities in first grade give students a chance to practice those words that appear freq... Read More »

First-Grade Activities for Sight Words?

Learning sight words is one of the first steps toward being able to read fluently. Some students learn sight words over time using flash cards, while others may apply phonics skills to sound out wo... Read More »

Fry Sight Word Activities?

When students learn to read, they are often asked to recall high-frequency words such as "the," "of," "and," "a" or "to" by sight. Dr. Edward Fry developed a set of sight word lists that are compri... Read More »

Fourth Grade Measurement Activities?

Measurement is a broad category taught in fourth-grade classrooms in compliance with state-devised mathematical standards of achievement. Measurement encompasses weight, volume, length, width, heig... Read More »