Fourth Grade Number Line Activities?

Answer The number line is an important concept in elementary school education because it allows students to visualize some of the more abstract concepts in math. This is especially helpful in fourth grade... Read More »

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Ecosystem Activities for Fourth Grade?

To help forth grade students better understand and appreciate the world around them, present the concept of an ecosystem -- a community of living and non-living things that all work together. They ... Read More »

First Day of Fourth-Grade Activities for Teachers?

By the time children reach fourth grade, they probably have become used to the routine of starting a new school year. But this doesn't mean that their nerves still aren't a bit shaky. To ease their... Read More »

Voting Activities for Fourth Grade?

In a democratic society, voting is a vital part of an adult's civic duty. Participating in the election process gives the citizens a voice and compels the leadership of the country to actually list... Read More »

Fun Fourth Grade Math Activities?

Keep fourth-graders interested in math by incorporating math activities into your curriculum. Play team games with a math twist to teach skills and let students enjoy a competitive break from routi... Read More »