Fourth Grade Invention Project Ideas?

Answer Fourth graders may study inventors and inventions as part of their curriculum during the year. This is often done through science but can be a cross curriculum idea. Fourth grade invention project ... Read More »

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Grade School Invention Project Ideas?

School projects on inventions work across science, English and history curricula. Invention projects are also an opportunity for students to practice their reasoning and independent thinking skills... Read More »

Fourth Grade Math Project Ideas?

Math projects for fourth-graders cover multiplication, geometry, money equations and graphs. Relating math outside of the classroom shows students how to apply regular math concepts to every day si... Read More »

Fourth-Grade Science Project Ideas?

Many parents know or have experienced this dreaded scenario: your fourth-grader announces at dinnertime that he has a science project due in three weeks. Busy work schedules and afternoon activitie... Read More »

Gold Rush Project Ideas for the Fourth Grade?

The Gold Rush started in California in 1848 when people from all over the world flocked to the state to seek their fortunes. It also changed California's population, which had previously been domin... Read More »