Fourth Grade Division Activities With Skittles?

Answer Division is one of the most challenging elements of math for children to master. Fractions are a vital part of math but also one which requires a lot of work to understand. The best way to do tha... Read More »

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How to Teach Long Division to Fourth-Grade Students?

Fourth grade is the time when many students begin learning long division. Knowing what fourth grade students already know will help you find a launch point. To do long division, students must first... Read More »

Third-Grade Division Activities?

Between kindergarten and second grade, mathematics instruction focuses on addition, subtraction and multiplication. Upon reaching third grade, it is expected that children have gained a mastery of ... Read More »

Activities for "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"?

"Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" is a novel by Judy Blume that is the first in her "Fudge" series of books. Peter is a 9 year-old boy in the fourth grade with a 3 year-old brother nick-named Fudge... Read More »

Fun Fourth Grade Math Activities?

Keep fourth-graders interested in math by incorporating math activities into your curriculum. Play team games with a math twist to teach skills and let students enjoy a competitive break from routi... Read More »