Four-wheel Independent Suspension vs. Front Independent Suspension?

Answer The debate between solid rear axle -- independent front suspension and independent rear, four-wheel independent suspension -- is nearly as old as the car itself, and it's only gotten hotter over th... Read More »

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Independent Rear Suspension Pros & Cons?

A car's rear suspension has an important impact on its operation. Independent rear suspensions are configurations that don't use a solid rear axle to connect the two rear wheels. Instead, each whee... Read More »

What year Mustang had independent rear suspension?

The 1999 Mustang Cobra was the first Mustang to offer independent rear suspension, which is basically a trailing arm system using lightweight aluminum control arms; it was bolted in place of the re... Read More »

Solid Axle Vs. Independent Suspension Weight Difference?

There are two different types of car axle suspension: solid axle and the newer independent suspension axle. Every car manufactured today has the independent suspension, but you can still find solid... Read More »

Diagnose Front Suspension Steering Problems in Front Wheel Drive Cars?

Front wheel drive cars use a strut-type suspension that is composed of a strut, a hub assembly and a lower control arm affixed to the bottom of the strut. They all invariably use a rack and pinion ... Read More »