Four Types of Psychological Research?

Answer Research psychologists dedicate their entire career to studying human and animal behavior. Some of the most common areas of study that psychologists research include substance abuse, genetics, neur... Read More »

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How to Write Psychological Research Reports & Essays?

To write a psychological research report or essay, you will need to learn about the American Psychological Association (APA) style of writing. Many students are familiar with the Modern Language As... Read More »

Ideas for Psychological Research Proposal Papers?

Psychological research proposal papers are papers written to convince a college or organization that an area in psychology is worth researching. Many doctoral or master's psychology students write ... Read More »

Types of Psychological Evaluations?

Psychological evaluations are valuable diagnostic tools. Mental health professionals use psychological evaluations to diagnose and treat patients. It is important to note that psychological evaluat... Read More »

Types of Psychological Effects on Soldiers?

When most people think about the casualties of war, they think of physical injuries and death tolls. However, the psychological casualties of war are just as widespread as the physical ones. Psycho... Read More »