Four Types of Biodiversity?

Answer Biodiversity is the variability of living organisms; this includes the variability of species, the diversity of ecosystems and the diversity of genes within species. An ecosystem is a community of ... Read More »

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Four Types of Listeners?

Good listening skills are an important part of communicating effectively. According to Union University, listening is required to gather facts and information and to demonstrate care and concern. R... Read More »

Four Types of FCAT?

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, or FCAT, measures student academic achievement against statewide standards called the Sunshine State Standards. The FCAT program also grades schools and h... Read More »

Four Types of Rain?

Rain falls when moist air rises and cools. Cooling air is condensed and thus produces rain as it transforms from a vapor into a liquid. Four distinct weather patterns produce rain--each creating th... Read More »

The Four Principals of Communication Types?

There are four principles of communication. These principles of communication are basic and cannot be avoided. These four principles of communication are that communication is inescapable, commun... Read More »