Four Types of Aqueous Reactions?

Answer An aqueous reaction is a reaction that takes place in water. Compounds are divided into two: electrolytes and nonelectrolytes. Electrolytes are either strong (completely dissociate) or weak (slight... Read More »

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List of Four Properties of Water That Make It an Ideal Medium for Biochemical Reactions?

Water covers two-third's of the earth's surface. It is essential for the biochemical reactions that enable life. Four properties of water that make it an ideal medium for these biochemical reactio... Read More »

Types of Reactions in Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are the results of nature's natural carbon production and one of the most abundant elements on Earth. The transformation takes centuries to decompose organic matter or prehistoric subs... Read More »

Types of Chemical Reactions & Solutions?

A chemical reaction occurs when different substances come together and undergo a chemical change, essentially changing them into different substances. Several types of chemical reactions exist, dep... Read More »

How to Learn About the Types of Organic Reactions?

This article discusses the various types of organic reaction from its physical and mechanistic point of view.