Four Biggest Differences Between the Ocean & Fresh Water?

Answer Saltwater, which is found in earth's oceans and seas, is quite different from the freshwater contained within lakes, rivers and streams across the globe. Plant and animal species are adapted to liv... Read More »

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What causes salt water and fresh water to mix in the ocean?

Diffusion causes the two to mix to achieve equilibrium of salt concentration.

What are the biggest differences Between the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation ipod touches?

each generation of ipod usually gets a processor upgrade and a few little things (like thickness). If you don't want a camera go with the 3rd generation because that's is the only generation, bes... Read More »

What are the main and the biggest differences of salt water pools and chlorine pools?

Answer The biggest difference is the silky feel of the water in a salt pool, Cost wise it is turning out to be about the same costwise for chemicals and it can be more expensive to repair a salt sy... Read More »

Differences Between Reusable Water Bottles and Plastic Bottles?

Designers and manufacturers make water bottles in a variety of different styles and shapes. If a bottle is a single use only, attention is paid to certain aspects, such as safety-sealed lids. If a ... Read More »