Found a white oblong pill with the marking IP190 and on the other side 500?

Answer Its a prescription laxative. Have fun!

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What is White oval pill 936 one side and mrk on other side?

Need help. small green pill with 20 on one side and cant read the other?

There is simply not enough information. I don't understand your description about it "starting as a circle and gets smaller into another circle"-- what does, an imprint or the pill itself? Also, ... Read More »

Can anyone identify a White round pill scored SA H134 on same side, blank on back side. ...?

Ketotifen fumarate (ophthalmic solutions marketed under the brand name Zaditor (Novartis) and Alaway (Bausch and Lomb)) is an H1-antihistamine/mast cell stabilizer available in two forms. In its op... Read More »

6 yr old child has a firm lump on right side of neck oblong shape about half inch long in lymph node area other side of neck is tender and possible lump too?

Swollen lymph modes in children is very common and can be from many things including an infection or virus and allergies. Lymph nodes on the neck can be from ear aches/infections, sore throats, run... Read More »