Found a file of pics of my sist in my husbands ipod he says he has masturbated over people in his life since he was 11 and is addicted to it. He is seeing a therapist now will i get over ths?

Answer Have a talk with your sister.

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OMG I found a glass eye in my Husbands shirt pocket, what do I do?

Sell it on ebay. I bet you can make at least 30 bucks off it.

Why do people freak out when i tell them i use my husbands toothbrush!?

Some people are afraid of catching germs, you kiss him and have sex with him, I see nothing wrong with using his toothbrush. Just keep loving your husband, and forget what other people think.

You were addicted to heroin and didnt know you were 4 months pregnant when i found out i got on methadone to quit using now im not on anything will my baby go through withdrawls?

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Why some women falsely accuse their in-laws for interfering in her life and even take their genuine concern as interference and want husbands all to herself?

when women get married, they envision a new life all of their own. Which usually doesn't include their husband's parents (ahem mothers in particular) giving their two cents on every issue in their ... Read More »