Fossils Common to Indiana?

Answer During the Ordovician Period 510 to 438 million years ago, a vast, shallow, inland sea covered most of North America, including Indiana, according to the Indiana Geological Survey. At the bottom of... Read More »

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How to Collect Indiana Fossils?

Finding and identifying fossils is a rewarding hobby that contributes to paleontology by expanding awareness of the field. Hunting fossils gets you outside and informs you of the ancient history of... Read More »

Most Common Mollusk Fossils?

Mollusk is the common name for the phylum of invertebrate animals known scientifically as Mollusca. There are 85,000 recognized species of mollusks. The most common kinds of mollusk are marine moll... Read More »

What Are Some Common Fossils Found in Alabama?

Fossils are an intriguing reminder of generations past and activities that occurred that shaped the planet we live on today. Fossils tell a lot about the earth's history and changes throughout time... Read More »

Common Spiders in Northern Indiana?

Northern Indiana is home to over 400 spider species, some of which are native while others were introduced over the years. There are both venomous, aggressive spiders and harmless varieties that ra... Read More »